1 Задача, которую надо решить; решенная задача; решаемая сейчас задача

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Название1 Задача, которую надо решить; решенная задача; решаемая сейчас задача
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Инфинитив в функции определения


1) The problem to be solved was rather complicated

2) The substance to be analyzed should be pure.

3) The explanation will probably be considerably modified in the years to come.

4) The report to be followed by a concert will take place at 8 o’clock.

5) The lecture to be followed by an experiment is to take place at our Institute.

6) The method to be followed is based upon some peculiar properties of these rays.

7) Here is another conclusion to be drawn from the picture that is emerging.

8) The last factor to be considered is the cost of the interview.

9) The model to be outlined below can be used to solve the problem.

10)Here are some figures to be referred to later.

Перевести следующие определения инфинитивом или причастием:

1)Задача, которую надо решить; решенная задача; решаемая сейчас задача.

2)Фактор, который надо принять во внимание; принятый во внимание фактор; принимаемый в данный момент во внимание фактор. 3)Задачи, которые стоят перед нами сегодня.

4)Сложности, которые необходимо распутать(tackle); распутанные сложности; распутываемые сложности.

5)Грядущие года

6)Данные, которые необходимо проанализировать; проанализированные данные; анализируемые данные.

7)Сделанные уроки; уроки, которые нужно сделать.

8)Выученное стихотворение; стихотворение, которое предстоит выучить.
Сопоставление инфинитива в функции определения с инфинитивом в составном модальном сказуемом после глагола to be:

1)These methods are to be described in the next chapter.

2)The methods that are to be described next were widely used

3)The methods to be described are used in our research

4)We hope that the investigation to be carried out at our department will provide new and reliable data.

5)The lecture concerning new methods of research in algebra is to be held at our faculty next Monday

6)The lecture which is to take place at our faculty will last for two or three hours

7)Which method is to be chosen in this case

8)The method to be chosen in any particular case depends on many factors

9)Methods of mathematical analysis are to be applied to prove this theorem

10)The subject to deal with at the next lecture will be mainly devoted to the advantages of the new procedure

11)If this procedure is to be used in the solution, it should be thoroughly investigated

12)The procedure to be used in this solution should be thoroughly investigated

13)In our investigation we are to compare two approaches

14)It is to be emphasized that we are to take advantage of the data obtained
Повторение инфинитивов и инфинитивных оборотов:

1)We don’t suppose the two types of models to be applicable to all cases

2)The models to be applied in this case are of mixed type.

3)For the models to be applicable to all cases they have to be more flexible.

4)The coefficients in the Fokker-Plank equation are found to depend on the law of interaction.

5)We expect the point source to emit light evenly in all directions

6)The case of large waves seems to demand a more complicated approach.

7)The author doesn’t consider the discussion of this work to be within the scope of this chapter

8)The problem to be solved at this stage is an entirely algebraical one

9)The article to be translated is available at any library.

10)The author of the paper claims to have been the first to arrive at such a conclusion.

11)For a system to be in complete equilibrium, it is necessary that there be mechanical equilibrium.

12)There are a large number of examples worked out in the text in detail In order to illustrate how theory may be applied to obtain quantitative results.

13)To obtain Maxwell’s equations or even the Coulomb potential in this way would not be easy

14)The article to be discussed must have been published quite recently.

15)The Gaussian surface is supposed to consist of two concentric spheres.


Независимый причастный оборот


1)Ruler-compass constructions are simply the drawings, a compass being a misleading word.

2)The generator having run for several hours, the bearings grew dangerously hot.

3)The square of any number being positive, the square root of a negative number is imaginary.

4)The ancient Greeks worked with all numbers geometrically, length being chosen to represent number 1 and all other numbers being expressed in terms of this length.

5)Line segments as well as rays, triangles and circles are definite sets of points, a simple closed curve with line segments as its boundaries being a polygon.

6)All the lines not being necessarily, commensurable, the proof became invalid

7)Other things being equal, the efficiency is less in irreversible cyclic processes.

8)Other conditions being equal, the acceleration will be the same.

9)The value of X being given, the velocity of a body can easily be computed.

10)Electroplating was invented in Russia, its inventor being Russian scientist Yacobi.

11)The bridge having been repaired, we were able to cross the river.

12)Electrons moving object is able to do work, the quantity of kinetic energy depending on its mass and velocity.

13)Any moving object is able to do work, the quantity of kinetic energy depending on its mass and velocity.

14)The temperature of a wire being raised, the random motion of the electrons increases.

15)The current flow having been changed, the direction of the magnetic lines of force also changed

16) Water being denser than air rays are reflected towards the perpendicular.

17) To develop a current by light action, light is made to fall on a special kind of a cell, the apparatus to be used in such a case being called a photoelectric cell.

18)In general there are a number of ways by which electric currents can be generated by magnetic action, all of them being based on the same principle, that of cutting the magnetic lines of force with a conductor.

1)История изучения пульсаров началась в 1968 году с того, что радиоастрономы объявили об открытии необычного класса объектов. 2)Так как большинство субатомных частиц имеет очень короткий период жизни, электрон, протон и нейтрон остаются основными объектами изучения в электронике.

3)Так как было очень поздно, собрание закрылось.

4)При прочих равных условиях растения, получившие дополнительное освящение, росли быстрее.

5)Когда все приготовления были закончены, мы отправились в поход.

6)Корабль медленно плыл вдоль берегов Белого моря, сотни птиц кружились над ним.

7)Было очень темно, так как на небе не было ни одной звездочки.

8)Когда солнце село, туристы развели костер.


Формы герундия и герундиальные обороты

Переведите следующие предложения, учитывая форму герундия и наличие или отсутствие перед ним своего субъекта действия:

1)Please excuse my missing the conference.

2)He regretted having missed the conference.

3)He does not like criticizing others.

4)He does not like being criticized.

5)He liked your criticizing his work.

6)He reports having discovered a new property of fractal sets.

7)The authors report having solved the problem of data security.

8)My friend is fond of programming games and simulations

9)He is not very fond of being talked to while he is writing a program.

10)He is fond of your talking about his programming talents.

2) whether you’re programming in machine code, or trying to improve the display facilities of the Spectrum- you will find these computer aids help you immensely.

3) I imagined this problem to be more complex.

4) I heared that rule reffered to many times.

5) it is quite possible for a programmer to work out the sequence of instructions for the calculation of a square root.

7) the Pythagoreans may have been the first to give satisfactory proof to the Pythagorean theorem.

8) the useful work to be done by a machine is less than the total work performed by it.

11) Theories on the motion of bodies with variable mass have been developed that are quited for problems on reactive motions.

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