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^ Exercise 1. Enumerate all language problems which the students discuss with Mr. Green.
Exercise 2. Think and discuss the following questions.

  1. What are your aims of learning English?

  2. What information in the text was quite new to you?

  3. Do you ever use slang in your speech?

  4. Can you give your own examples of British and American English?

  5. Have you got any language problems?

Exercise 3. Translate into English.

Слэнг древен как мир. Это отмечает крупный языковед, специалист в области слэнга и составитель словаря слэнга Эрик Патридж. «Слэнг» был и в греческом и в латинском языках – ведь люди всегда стремились оживить речь, расцветить ее образными словечками и фразами, переиначивая на свой лад непонятные «ученые» и официальные слова. И во всех языках можно отметить эту тенденцию в живой речи.

Но английский слэнг своеобразен и неповторим. Он рождался и рождается в недрах самого английского языка, в разных социальных сферах и возрастных группах как стремление к краткости и выразительности, иногда как протест против неуклюжего или длинного слова, как желание по-своему окрестить предмет или его свойства. В молодежных же кругах, где слэнготворчество особенно распространено, кроме всего прочего явно выражено стремление обособиться от мира взрослых, «зашифровать» свой язык, а также желание просто взбаламутить зеркальную гладь респектабельного английского языка – Queens English.

Конечно, включать в свой активный словарь слэнг – дело весьма рискованное. То, что мы слышим в речи носителей языка, звучит вполне естественно (пусть даже иногда и грубовато), но мы можем попасть в неловкое положение, так как слэнгизмы нередко переосмысливаются и могут звучать двусмысленно и неуместно. Но многие сленгизмы имеют широкое хождение в разговорном языке. Вот – некоторые из них.

О человеке: pretty boy – хвастун; poor fish – простофиля; cold fish – сдержанный.

О еде, напитках: eats – еда вообще; cat beer – молоко.

О деньгах: dirt, cabbage, blood, boot - деньги вообще; quid – фунт стерлингов; buck – доллар;

Об оружии: big boy – пушка; six-shooter – револьвер.
Exercise 4. Read and translate the text where Helen Unwin tells how she spent her day. Think of the way an American student will describe the same events using the words in brackets.

Helen (Great Britain):

I got up at half past seven. I put on my dressing gown, went into the bathroom and turned on the bath taps. After my bath I had breakfast with my parents on the terrace. Our flat’s on the fifteenth floor, so the view’s terrific. At eight o’clock my mum and I took the lift to the car park under our block of flats. First we stopped for petrol, then she drove me to school. The motorway was really busy – cars everywhere. When I got to school it was raining. Luckily I’d brought my wellington boots and an umbrella, so I didn’t get wet.

School was OK, except that we had a maths exam before break. I think I failed it. Anyway, after school I took a bus to the city centre to meet my sister, Susan. She became a primary school teacher after she left university last year. We went out for dinner to a Chinese restaurant. Personally I don’t like rice, so I ordered chips instead. Susan disapproved. After sweet and coffee we paid the bill and left. It had stopped raining but the pavements were still wet. Susan gave me a lift home, then I did some history homework for the next day, watched a film on the TV and went to bed at about half past eleven. I was really tired.
(Test, deck, around, pooped, French-fries, elevator, gas, college, bath robe, freeway, check, flunked, parking lot, galoshes, automobiles, faucets, ate out, assignment, dessert, ate, apartment, movie, grade, downtown, recess, apartment block, mom, sidewalks, underneath, a drive home.)
Quiz: Do you know Britain well?

  1. Give the names of

  1. the longest river,

  2. the highest mountain,

  3. the largest lake,

  4. the largest city outside London,

  5. the busiest port in the British Isles.

  1. How wide is the English Channel at its narrowest part?

  2. Which river does Oxford stand on?

  3. What is the main difference between the Cumbrians and the Cambrians?

  4. What is Wales rich in?

  5. What is the average winter temperature in Great Britain?

  6. Why did the Romans call Britain Albion?

  7. What is the name of the English state flag?

  8. What is the name of the building in which the British Parliament sits?

  9. How many buildings do the Houses of Parliament consist of?

  10. Which of the two Houses of Parliament has more power?

  11. What is Downing Street in London known for?

  12. Where are most of the government offices situated in London?

  13. Why is a district in the centre of England called The Black Country?

  14. What is the name of one of the biggest textile industry centers in England?

  15. What is the name of the biggest city in Scotland, famous for its shipyards?

  16. Where is industry chiefly found in London?

  17. What’s the City?

  18. What important events took place in London’s history in 1066 (1577; 1666; 1836; 1863; 1952.)?

  19. What is the ceremony which takes place daily in the forecourt of the official residence of the Queen?

  20. What are English buses called?

  21. What is the name of the tower which contains the famous Big Ben?

  22. What is the name of a famous English architect who built 50 churches in London?

  23. Who guards Nelson in the Trafalgar Square?

  24. What is the name of the headquarters of London police?

  25. Who was the first monarch who took residence in Buckingham Palace?

  26. What is the name of London underground?

  27. Can you name the person of England whose final Battle was at Trafalgar?

  28. Who lives in the Tower of London?

  29. What is the money system of Great Britain?

  30. What is the famous place in Hyde Park where people can say anything they like?

  31. Which park is the largest in London?

  32. Who was the famous English general and statesman who won the victory of Waterloo?

  33. At what annual ceremony does the Queen of the UK wear a crown?

  34. How are the fur hats of the Queen’s lifeguards called?

  35. Who were important prisoners of the Tower of London a long time ago?

  36. What are the English policemen called?

Список использованной литературы.

  1. Timanovskaya N. Spotlight on Great Britain. Tula, 1998.

  2. Freeman J., Sharpe S. This Beautiful City London. 1990.

  3. Hewitt K. Understanding Britain. Oxford, 1994.

  4. Greenall S., Reward Pre-intermediate. Teacher's Book, Oxford,1994.

  5. Khannikova L. Spoken English. M, 1991.

  6. Hornby A.S. Oxford Progressive English for Adult Learners, 1992.

Составители: Новоженина Елена Васильевна

Леднева Ольга Вячеславовна

Багметова Нонна Васильевна

Маркова Ольга Васильевна

Игнатенко Ольга Михайловна
Редактор Л.П. Кузнецова
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Волгоградский государственный технический университет

400131 Волгоград, пр. Ленина, 28.
РПК «Политехник» Волгоградского государственного технического университета. 400131 Волгоград, ул. Советская, 35.
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